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rebel entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, healers and creatives & those dreaming of taking the leap, it's time. 

Time to start daring.  

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Time to start believing in you

Do you deeply want to believe you can handle your own destiny and support yourself fully financially, but struggle to see how it's possible?

Do you wrestle with yourself over being a "good girl" because you want so much more from life, but it's safe and familiar, even if it's uncomfortable and unhappy? 

Are you interested in health, well being and spirituality - and you've been collecting everything from certificates to degrees - but still struggling to step up to your full potential?

Are you so ready to find a magic inside you that really pulls you towards success, instead of having to fight for it? 

And to do so with a sisterhood (brothers also welcome) of incredible people who know what the real key to changing your life - and the world - is wholehearted collaboration?

The path to real wealth for yourself and others is already inside you. And it's looking for you. Leaving signs for you. Waiting for you to meet your true self.



"I think deep down, I was afraid of being rejected. I didn’t know how to rise above that fear...Morgana gets you to find the things that you're good at...Your strengths, some of them are really basic, but there are things that you probably wouldn't think about so deeply. Her mentoring has been so valuable. I’m going to go back and relisten to all the calls. Working with her this year has been the turning point in my business for sure"

Gina Miller
Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Coach, GinaFit Madrid

We all want to change the world AND belong to it.

Real success isn't such a big secret. But it's hard to do, because it has to happen inside us first, before we see it in the world around us.

Learn to balance:
- the need for belonging
- the need for importance

And you've got it. You're welcome. 

Ok, sorry, you're right. That's not so easy.

Trying to achieve both AND navigating a whole culture full of conflicting beliefs about yourself, other people and money at the same time is a migraine waiting to happen. 

The result? If you're anything like us, you learned young to dim your light. Hide it. Douse it. Deny it. Deflect it onto someone else. Worry that it's witchcraft or evil somehow. Or that it's not measurable, so it's not to be taken seriously. And learned to practice telling yourself stories about not being special, worthy or good enough. That there's no magic inside you. Magic isn't real.

All the while battling to quiet an inner knowing that screamed itself into a whisper, that you could change the world for somebody. That you could change it for yourself too. 

Listen to the voice that calls you, pulling you to new heights and passions. Because the time for that change is now.

And you are not alone. We are all spiritual beings in vulnerable, flesh and blood bodies with over-active minds. Thousands - perhaps millions - of people are waking up to the recognition that when the light inside you is dimmed, you feel lost to yourself and to meaningful belonging with others.

Raging against the realisation that instead of being taught how to turn the light up, we're encouraged to cut more parts of ourselves off to fit in. To get smaller and dimmer with time.

And we're done with striving to create success that's less than whole. No more signing up for abundance that feels like having a bucket with a leaky crack in it. 

We've seen what life looks like with a whole bucket (no cracks) and we are never going back... 

Instead we're opening our arms to the parts of ourselves that never fit in. The parts of each other. The parts of you. We're inviting the real you - the brightest, most incredible you - on an adventure. 

We're calling you to put your wings back on, and fly with us. 

To fly into the bravery, the magic, the hope, the big voice, the big feelings, the all that you are. To forgive and forget the stuckness and falling behind. They made you what you are. 

Will you heed the call?

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Collaborative success is our mission

Faith in yourself and your unshakable, eternal worth is central to all success. In the Universe, and its infinite wisdom and capacity too. Faith that you have what you need inside you and you're here for a reason.

And we know it's hard to hold space for faith, before there is evidence to support it. That's what's always been hard about success. So how do we get around it? 

By co-creating a beautiful web of interconnected success together. Sharing evidence together. Holding belief for others by seeing what they can't yet see in themselves, and allowing them to do the same in return.

By being the first to give real belief, before proof. And to stand by that trust, even as the trials roll in (and they will).  To see one another through conquering our dark nights of the soul. To stand together in truth, as we exercise our demons (nobody likes a fat demon).  With love every step of the journey, instead of trying to cut the messy bits off (and "good" bits with them). 

Real collaboration is different parts, working to create something greater. It is wholeness made more whole.  


Western culture has done a good job of marketing the idea that we're specks of randomly arranged matter, whizzing through a void, with a one way ticket to oblivion.

And realistically, who would ever work in a factory, if they felt like an important part of an infinite, intelligent universe? 

Here at the Manifesting Institute Membership, we are about being important parts of that infinite, intelligent universe, together.

We are scientists trained and accredited with many official letters. But we are first and foremost truth seekers. 

And the truth is, life without faith and each another is kind of a terrible, terminal treadmill.

After all, how do you leap into the unknown, when you don't believe in yourself? 

How do you leap, when you don't believe people will catch you? That the universe will catch you? 

The Manifesting Institute Membership is about building both the faith and the network of connections that make greatest you possible, by helping you find magic inside and to balance the needs for importance and belonging. It's about giving belief first, and helping you create the impact and income you desire, with joy, freedom and ease. 


Rose Radford

CEO and rising star in the business coaching world, Rose Radford talks about her work with Morgana


What is the Manifesting Institute and "faithcrafting" all about?

Did you know your experience of reality is inter-dimensional? Not just in a "woo-woo" sense, but in a very tangible ways too. When we talk about collaborating and co-creating (which we talk about A LOT) we don't just mean with your friends. But with every single thing you engage with, in every sense... even your own thoughts.

Faithcrafting is learning to change your life at the energetic level, through practices that support

  • Cultivating thoughts that serve you so that you can intentionally create things that serve you!
  • Learning to harness magical thinking and being (and why it's so important to wellbeing and wealth)
  • Engaging with others and energies such as money in in powerful ways so that your desires come back to you many times over, whilst meeting a real need in the lives of others
  • Understanding your emotions and how to work with them (even negative ones) so that you can improve every relationship in your life, starting with the one with yourself
  • Reconnecting with your body and senses on a deep level of self-love, so that you can open up your intuition and guide yourself to the success that's right for you
  • Recognising that beliefs are not reality - they are constructed composites made up of aspects of our experience, family teachings and culture, so that you can create real, meaningful change in your life and the lives of others - especially future generations
  • Taking incredible new actions towards your dreams in a supportive environment, so that you can build your faith muscles a little at a time
  • Ultimately, become someone who can manifesting your desires, on repeat just by being YOU 


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When you surrender to the truth that reality is so much more than you can possibly imagine, you create space in your life for your own infinite expansion.

Dr Morgana McCabe Allan

Morgana has dedicated her life and work to the study of collaborative reality-crafting. A collaborative manifestation pioneer, her interdisciplinary PhD is considered groundbreaking and is the foundation of her high-results modality, the Diamond Activation System. In her personal coaching practice she supports entrepreneurs from their day 1 up to 7 and 8 figure business owners to craft themselves into the people they truly desire to be at the deepest and most authentic level, so that they can move out of fear and into real abundance. 

Kirsty Lucinda Allan

An alternative psychologist specialising in expansive consciousness, parapsychcology (the science of psychic phenomena) and transpersonal experience, Kirsty is also an arts pioneer and maverick entrepreneur who 'illuminates beauty and brilliance where it is overlooked'. A founder of the British Burlesque Renaissance, former cover model and accomplished theatre producer, she coaches others to transition their being and transform doubt into destiny - to bring their Creative visions and personal dreams to life.

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The Manifesting Institute Membership provides access a unique collection of interdisciplinary manifesting courses designed to catalyse and support incredible change in your life. 

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We believe in collaboration, in sharing and growing collectively. If you would like to be a contributor and/or affiliate for us, please let us know.

"I’d tried “some mindset and manifestation stuff” before finding Morgana and Kirsty but wasn’t benefiting or really believing in it. I’ll admit I was drawn to them in part because they have advanced degrees and some really impressive accomplishments. BUT they leave space for mystery and discovery, too, and having that in my life has been really beautiful. They’ve helped me develop practices that not only shift my mindset but also my ability to find magic and manifest more of my desires in everyday life."

Michelle Crowder-Soellner
CEO, Conscientious Copy

"A human being is part of a whole called by us 'Universe.'"

- Albert Einstein

The Manifesting Institute

is a membership programme unlike any other. Where the art and science of crafting a life of purpose, passion and abundance is a collective endeavour.


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